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Businesses and their finance departments are now seeking financial service professionals who can utilise new technologies, navigate complex regulations, and adapt to evolving customer demands. However, many still face these challenges, which make it difficult to identify suitable candidates in an already competitive talent market.

When it comes to finding the right CFO, managing director, second-level manager, or finance and controlling specialist for a company, our extensive experience and top-tier network provide us with a significant advantage.

When is it beneficial to work with a Headhunter?

Professional Headhunters are sector-specific experts who have an extensive network and maintain contact with numerous professionals. This can be particularly useful in challenging industries or during periods of talent scarcity. Special knowledge not only of how to “hunt” but also know the art of attracting and retaining talent for future opportunities.

With the advent of sophisticated software solutions, the construction of extensive passive databases has become a trivial task. The true challenge lies in identifying the “needle in the haystack” that is, locating and engaging with individuals who are not actively seeking employment and may not even be browsing job listings. Once a suitable candidate, such as a skilled professional or successful manager, is identified, the objective is to pique their interest in a job opportunity that presents a higher professional challenge or offers more attractive prospects. If they prove receptive to discussion and view the open position as a beneficial step in their careers, the remaining steps are merely a matter of negotiation.

As Headhunters, our responsibilities extend beyond merely identifying hard-to-reach candidates for hiring managers. We also employ a range of techniques that involve evaluating candidates' motivations for applying to a job, conducting interviews and pre-assessments, and negotiating the best possible agreement while simultaneously anticipating potential counteroffers.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Certain job positions may require discretion, for several reasons.
For instance, it may become public knowledge that one of your most skilled employees is leaving the company, which could negatively impact the organisation's reputation.

Alternatively, you may be dissatisfied with a key staff member's performance and search for a suitable replacement without alerting them to your concerns. In other cases, you may be implementing a strategically significant change at your company and need to adjust your human resources accordingly to maintain a competitive advantage that cannot be disclosed prior to the launch.

It appears that directly approaching employees of competing companies may be perceived as overly aggressive. Engaging a Headhunter to execute a discreet deep-source campaign could be an alternative approach that enables you to attract candidates without necessarily making the position publicly advertised.

At Lilien Gerlach Recruitment, we specialise in headhunting for finance and accounting positions, as well as C-Level positions. We would be pleased to explore how we can bring top-tier candidates to our organisation.