Our business partners are entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering a client-centric culture while providing exceptional customer service. Our actions are guided by our Mission, Vision, and Values, which embody our commitment to support our clients in transforming today's organisations with tomorrow's leaders.

  • Mission. To provide high-quality professionals and executive-level managers capable of transforming today's organisations with tomorrow's leaders.
  • Vision. To be the most trusted executive leadership and talent advisory firm that serves and anticipates clients’ needs globally.
  • Values. Our culture values collaboration, transparency, trustworthiness, ethical practices, and respect.

We Measure Our Success

Our success is contingent on the commitments we make to our clients on a daily basis, which are grounded in care, trust, and value. At Lilien Gerlach Recruitment, we offer personalised and pioneering leadership and talent advisory services that facilitate the formation of transformative relationships and culminate in lasting success for clients. As an esteemed “international boutique” with a values-driven culture, we have been supporting organisations by discovering, onboarding, and maximising leadership talent.

Our executive recruitment and headhunting services encompass every stage of the hiring process, from the initial planning stages to the successful onboarding of new team members. We carefully source and screen potential candidates to ensure that they are a suitable fit for the role being offered by the company. Our recruitment efforts have already helped numerous firms find more than 2,500 skilled blue- and white-collar employees.

Ethics Matter

Our reputation is built on our strong ethical principles, which prioritise confidentiality and compliance with local laws and regulations in all countries where we operate. We also valued transparency and regularly shared our research and candidate information with our clients.